By gaining access to the Sawatch Solutions Affiliate Program, you agree to the following terms+

You can earn 10% of referral sales to the “Foundation of Success” Library (course).

After you make 50 referral sales (people that you referred and they purchased the program), you earn 15% on each referral sale. How cool is that?

So, as we are successful with referred sales, you are successful. It’s a win-win.

You agree to provide a valid and current email address and that is associated with a paypal account (which you are responsible for setting up), so that payouts can be made.

If you live in the United States and you earn more than $600 in affiliate earnings per calendar year, you are required to provide upon our request a current address and a Social Security number or a EIN and any other information that may be required to issue an IRS 1099-MISC form, in accordance with US law.

These terms are subject to change without notice. Check them regularly to stay up to date.

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