Are you maximizing your career and life potential?

Some times you need success coaching to shift from being a passenger on the bus of life or your professional life to taking the driver seat to be great and anything.

That’s the role of Mentor/Life coaching.

Do You have a Coach/Mentor?

If not, you could be limiting your life/career/entrepreneurial success and your possibilities.

Why You Need To Hire A Coach In 2015 (Forbes)

10 Reasons Why You Need a Career Coach

Why do You need a Coach?

  • Life and business has gone from being stable and mostly predictable to being fast-paced, impersonal and constantly changing
  • A coach helps you stay connected to your desired outcomes, focused and living with purpose or with life balance..

What does a coach do?

  • A life coach assists you to be a master of change and life balance.
  • A success coach keeps you focused, purposeful, motivated and accountable for your potential.
  • A coach keeps you present and focused on the future, growth, strategic, and possibility oriented.
  • A coach partners with you as a co-creator of your goals to be great.

What are the benefits of having a coach?

  • Reduce conflicts between behavior (what you do) versus what you want.
  • Achieve outcomes and goals
  • Greater satisfaction, self-confidence, and life balance
  • More flexibility and enjoyment from life
  • Happier work or family relationships
  • Better time management and productivity
  • Less distractions or procrastination
  • Greater productivity (600% ROI)

Some salient points about why we need coaching (even the most successful people) are summed up in an interview with one of the world’s leading Executive Coaches (Marshall Goldsmith | Triggers: Creating Behavior That Lasts Becoming the Person You Want to Be) and “We grossly over estimate will power” What happens if we try and do it our selves (“The dream“), and “A Life Lesson form Peter Drucker” Also, the full video is worth the watch.

The dirty secret of success, is we can’t do it on our own. Even Warren Buffet had a coach.

What are you leaving on the table, by not leveraging a mentor/life coach/business coach, or success coach?

Certified “Yoga2Life”™, and Consciousness Coaching

Participate as an individual or in a group — coaching that is aligned with the guiding principles of yoga and neuroscience to raise consciousness and maximize possibilities and potential.

Coaching for Introverts

Coaching for the specific needs of Introverts. We get the difference between Introverts and Extroverts, and address the requirements of Introverts and offer insights most coaching program are not even aware of when leveraging the unique power and potential of these individuals. We honor who they are and that they are amazing and awesome.

Small Business Coaching and Success Coaching

Small Business Coaching aligned with the guiding principles of neuroscience can aid with:

  • Establishing action priority matrices
  • Setting business goals (Quarterly and Annual)
  • Nailing business goals
  • Boosting your strengths
  • SWOT analysis
  • Identifying weaknesses and overcoming them
  • Developing success habits
  • Putting vision in action
  • Learning to delegate
  • Reclaiming your energy
  • Maximizing your profits

Success Coaching, Life Coaching, Consciousness Coaching, and Small Business Coaching use the latest neuroscience, Positive Psychology, and other technologies to maximize success and goal achievement, so you can tap your infinite natural potential and possibilities.

Here is what recent recipients of our coaching said:

J.M. (Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines)
Just one day after her very first coaching session:
“I’m no longer just breathing… I’m alive coz I’m doing things that I love, exciting times for me… Sometimes I found myself stuck up because of certain obstacles on my way. I’ve seen coaching as helping me look into the situation in a different perspective through the guidance of a coach. With his insights and wisdom I was able to realize that what seemed to be out of my control factors is actually within my control.”

O.N. (Stockholm, Sweden)
“Just three days after his very first coaching session:
I found out that I do have gifts that I can give to the world, and that they are valuable…
I got a lot more self-confidence and clear on what is my next step…
I would recommend coaching, because it’s hard figure everything out on your own, and a lot of people need the extra push to get started on what they dream about…
Thank you for being so calm and relaxed… It made me feel safe….
I’ve already had some progress so thank you so much…”

Coaching can be done by phone, Zoom, or Skype with anyone anywhere in the world and applies the latest neuroscience to facilitate change and liberate your goals, passions and dreams.

What’s holding you back from reaching your full potential? 

CTA Core Certified

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