We offer in-person, live on-line video conferencing training, as on-line self-guided course (coming soon) – Programs based on neuroscience principles and as a result enhance wellness, learning, recall and performance, also relieve stress or anxiety.

Why not learn how to reduce stress or anxiety relief without medications?
Visit NeuroYoga.Zone for details about NeuroYoga.Zone™ NeuroYoga™ classes including:

  • VIP Wellness Days
  • Yoga for Anxiety/Trauma/PTSD Relief
  • NeuroPatterning”™ Meditation to reduce stress or anxiety
  • NeuroYoga™ for Relaxation for reducing stress or anxiety
  • Mastering Mindfulness for stress or anxiety relief
  • Brain Maker™ Seminars for a healthy enhanced brain

Contact us, for a consultation, or to schedule one or more of our programs for you or at your organization.

Do you want to improve your wellness and health to “Rock and Change Your World”?
Find out more about our:

Be Your Greatness (Maximize your potential) programs
Be a Buddha BadAss” (Be your inner peace) programs
Go Slow to Go Fast (Be more efficient and productive) programs

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