Are you the CAUSE, or are you focusing on the EFFECT of your life?

Your answer to this question will determine how far you go in life and the level of your success.
EFFECT− something that is produced by an agency (action or intervention, especially such as to produce a particular effect) or cause; result; consequence.

CAUSE − something or someone that produces an effect, result, or condition : something or someone that makes something happen or exist.

Most people focus on or blame the result or consequence (the EFFECT) in their life for not achieving what they want or desire, or for holding them back. Or, they blame others.

When you’re the CAUSE of your life, you’re saying “I’m responsible for my entire life”.

When you’re in an EFFECT mindset, you’re saying “Everyone ELSE is responsible for my life circumstances”.

Too many people give themselves reasons and excuses for not pursuing their intentions, outcomes, and dreams.
Some excuses include:

  • “I don’t know enough to _________.
  • “I can’t invest in my skills because I don’t get paid enough.”
  • “I don’t have enough time”

What you’re telling yourself and the world is that you have to WAIT for someone or something to make sure that you know enough or something outside yourself is keeping you from achieving what you want.

That you have to WAIT for someone to pay you more before you take your life and learning seriously, or something or somebody outside yourself is responsible for your current situation.

ThoughtsOther EFFECT statements include:

  • “I can’t lose weight because I broke my ankle”.
  • “I can’t speak on video because I have anxiety”

When someone is at EFFECT mindset, they usually using the word “because“.

The word “because” is used as a bridge to give reasons as to why you can’t do what you want to do with your life.

And the truth is, as long as you’re acting like it’s someone else’s fault that you’re not living the life that you want, you’ll NEVER be in control of your life.

So what if we got rid of the word “because”?

And instead, we ask the word, “how?”

The word “how” allows you to SOLVE problems and be motivated to look for solutions to challenges.

Instead of being the victim to them (no matter what challenges you face).

Focusing on the EFFECT of life is like putting yourself in a prison cell, or a box…

And you are choosing not to leave the prison cell, or box (even though you could walk away at any time).

When you CHOOSE to be the CAUSE of your life you’re choosing to walk out of that prison cell, the box and walk away from it into possibility.


What if you look at any area of your life (wealth, health, relationships) and catch yourself anytime you say the word “because” followed by a self-defeating reason?

That is a choice that you get to make.

So are you the CAUSE of your life and the results you are experiencing or are you focusing on the EFFECT of your life?

  • What if you master the language of your mind for personal and business transformations?
  • How would things be different?
  • What would the potential and possibilities be?

Now that you know EFFECTS and outside factors are never the impediment to your success, I know you will want to how to take charge of your destiny and eliminate your mind saboteurs that get in the way of your success and life fulfillment?
Break Old Habits
Book a discovery session today and move from the EFFECT of life to taking charge of the cause and into potential and possibility and achieving the intentions and outcomes you want and desire.

The choice is yours, stay stuck where you are and the status quo or transform your life.

Why keep struggling or falling behind in life? You deserve better and you are entitled to more.

I know you are ready for change. Why not be one of the precious few that choose to change their circumstances and their life?

Life is too short and too precious to continue what you’re doing and getting the same old results.

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