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Founder/CEO of Sawatch Solutions LLC. and NeuroYoga.Zone™
Founder of the Amazing Introvert Zone™
Founder of the “Your Brain Shift” podcast ( and the “Your Brain Shift” House on Clubhouse

I help you to EVOLVE! – develop your highest potential and achieve the success you deserve
with neuroscience based programs.

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“When we integrate the mind with the body then we have holistic learning and services. This is what Keith is doing!”
Sharon T.  −  Inner Well Institute

Just one day after her very first coaching session:
“I’m no longer just breathing… I’m alive coz I’m doing things that I love, exciting times for me… Sometimes I found myself stuck up because of certain obstacles on my way. I’ve seen coaching as helping me look into the situation in a different perspective through the guidance of a coach. With his insights and wisdom I was able to realize that what seemed to be out of my control factors is actually within my control.”

​”I found my life purpose and you are instrumental to that.”
 −  J.M. (Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines)

“Keith’s knowledge is deep but his passion to promote wellness is unsurpassed. ”
 −  Tammy D., Aromagenomics

Join us to: Reduce your stress, improve your brain, get stronger, healthier, more relaxed, and self-actualize! Transform the Tyranny of Stress to Tranquility!

In a safe space, our members share their experience, insights, and resources related to Neuroscience based yoga/mindfulness/meditation and the latest neuroscience related to health, wellness, and fulfillment.

This community free of any visual clutter and random ads from outside entities that is typical of most on-line social platforms. Access us via the web or mobile app from anywhere.

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Where’s Keith?

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Your Brain Shift on Clubhouse

Experience mindset shifts and brain-shifts for greater success, health and wellness, and fulfillment.

Mindset alone is not enough for success. You need to train your brain for new success(es), health and wellness, and fulfillment habits. These shifts are the only way to obtain lasting success.

Join us us on a journey to learn not only how your brain works but move beyond just mindset and learn how to train your brain to maximize your success.

PositivityPod™ on Clubhouse

Think about your own life. How lasting have your increases in happiness been once you attained the things that you were certain would make you happier? Your potential is determined by many factors, including your emotional intelligence (EQ), your cognitive intelligence (IQ), and your skills, knowledge, experience, and social network. But, according to Shirzad Chamine (bestselling author and CEO of the largest coach training organization in the world) it is your Positive Intelligence (PQ) that determines what percentage of your vast potential you actually achieve.
And, the benefits of positive thinking are well established. Sages, psychologists, neuroscientists, researchers and doctors all have been espousing the benefits of positive thinking for hundreds of years.
Join us to increase your positivity and learn techniques to maintain it.

Amazing Introvert Zone on Clubhouse

Yes, if you are an introvert, you are amazing and awesome.? Don’t let the majority extrovert world tell you otherwise. Get to know and talk to most Introverts and they will share similar feelings or experiences, or have had others expect them to adapt to primarily Extroverted surroundings since Extroversion is the dominant social behavior coerced in most social roles, at least in the Western world.

So, what’s an Introvert to do? Change, adapt, and convert? Hell No! There is no need to. The list of successful and admired Introverts would shock most Extroverts. They include, Mark Zuckerburg, Larry Page, Marissa Mayer, Warren Buffett, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Guy Kawasaki, Richard Branson, and Bill Gates to name a few.?

Join us to connect and learn from other Amazing Introverts. Extroverts welcome too.

Simple Tools to Destress and Build Resilience w/ Keith Engelhardt


Newspaper Interviews with NeuroYogo.Zone’s founder Keith Engelhardt

Dayton Business Review Interview

Keith hosts the “Your Brain Shift” Podcast
Listen to or view episodes


Cultural Narratives and Its Impact on Masculinity

Master Yoga/Meditation/Mindfulness instructor Keith Engelhardt is
interviewed by Rolando Hyman − a personal life coach for men.

Keith shares his years of experience and expertise on how men can
achieve optimum success through neuro-transformation, reducing stress, and more…

The interview is done by Rolando Hyman a personal life coach for men.

Available at:

The Auto Autoimmune Hour Interview

In this episode, he shares that, according to recent research,
prolonged stress and life-traumas have a strong correlation in
exacerbating autoimmune symptoms. We can implement the simple
techniques and tips he shares, and see a noticeable change
in our levels of stress quickly, plus

• What is the difference between Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness,
• The 5-second rule to getting things done,
• How to master your mind, before it rules you,
and more…

Small Business Marketing – Then and Now Episode 3

Episode 3 features Keith Engelhardt, the founder of Sawatch Solutions LLC ,
NeuroYoga” ™, and Brain Maker” Seminars. He is also a member of the
American Institute of Stress, a certified “Yoga2Life”™ Life Mentor and Business Coach,
and is certificated in Neuroscience & Yoga in the Treatment of Complex, Developmental, or Repeated Trauma.”

In this podcast, we discuss his passion for sharing yoga and meditation,
how he has incorporated Neuroscience and how this has evolved into his main business focus.™ Meditation Meetup
● Reduce stress
● Reduce anxiety or worry
● Lower blood pressure
● Ease PTSD and trauma
● Increase focus
● Sleep better
● Achieve greater productivity

Roam around a virtual landscape and connect and cluster around any of the meditation recordings you want to explore, Then whenever you want, move on to another meditation in the landscape. Stay as long as you like and leave the event anytime.

Events are held throughout the year. Know someone that needs some stress reduction? Sharing is caring.
View details at

Want to take the guesswork out of meditation? Get real-time feedback about your busy mind. Muse, by Interaxon enables you to take the guesswork out of meditation with real-time feedback from Muse: the brain sensing headband. Information and Purchase

HeartMath InnerBalance

Instead of technology adding to your stress with endless text messages and email, put it to use to add to your well-being and wellness:
  • Replenish your energy
  • Balance your emotions
  • Quiet an overactive mind
For more than 25 years, HeartMath has made significant contributions to both the scientific and practical understanding of the physiology of stress, heart-brain interactions and performance.
Find out more and purchase

Neuroyoga™ Clothing, Home Decor, and More...

Find Out More and Purchase

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