Like the blues?

Want to connect with others that do too?

Looking for something to do on a Saturday evening?
Attend this “Burning Man” in a browser type blues event.
March 27, 2021 8:00 pm EST
It’s FREE, however space is limited.
You’ll need to attend on a computer (desktop or laptop) or a tablet.
Cell phones are too small of a screen.

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Join us for a playful online “Burning Man” type experience and explore some blues music. You may know the tunes, but never seen these renditions or performances of them. You may even discover a rare gem or an artist you’ve never heard before. You can also make tune/artist suggestions for future events.

You’ll mingle with other blues fans, meet new people, get to talk about the tunes, and have some fun.

This is not your typical Zoom type event. You get to roam around a virtual topography and connect and cluster around any tune you want to explore, spend as much time as you want listening to it or chatting with others about the tune (or others by the artist or other similar artists), and move on to another element in the landscape whenever you want. Stay as long as you want and leave the party anytime.

Bring your favorite snack and beverage or order take out from your favorite local restaurant to help support them, and invite some friends.

This month’s focus is on the ladies. When you think of blues, many laud the men of blues. However, there are many female blues players and vocalist that don’t get the attention and accolades they deserve. So, since it’s “Woman’s History Mont” and there was only one day International Women’s Day that put the spotlight on the woman of the world, this months and premier of the “Blues Bunch Burn” (B3) is focusing on some of the woman of blues. You will female guitarists them shred with the best of their male counter parts, as well as maybe discover some that you have never hear about. I know you will enjoy their performances. Join us (date/time) for the launch of “Blues Bunch Burn” (B3). Register today, the space is limited space available for this engaging and unique virtual “Burning Man” type experience that you not forget and want share with others.

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Space is limited

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Sharing is caring. Send an email to others!


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