How to adapt to change and build resilience in the face of uncertainty.

You may well feel overwhelmed or out of place in our highly unusual situation of rapid change and uncertainty. With the unprecedented impact that Covid-19 is currently having on the whole world, we are all experiencing a rate of change that is swift, disruptive, overwhelming and, at times, fatiguing.

It seems that every aspect of our lives is shifting, including the way we work, the way we communicate, the way we eat, shop, and entertain ourselves. Life as we have known it is beginning to become very surreal and we are all being asked to adapt in ways that can take us out of our existing comfort zones and may well feel chaotic, confusing, frustrating, and uncertain.

This is a situation however, that you cannot control or stop. What you can do is learn how to respond to it and deal with it in the most successful, constructive and positive way you can. If fact, there are proven foundations and principles for achievement success no matter what your circumstances and what life throws your way. You can’t control a pandemic, an economic crash, a natural disaster, or any other life calamity.

However, you can apply the “Foundations of Achievement and Success” in your life and leverage the opportunity that exist in all chaos and change. Success comes from putting order into chaos. It’s a long standing principle that has stood the test of time; even after major events like the Great Depression.

So, why not attend the “Bouncing Back from Chaos, Change, or Failure” webinar and learn how to how to adapt to change and build resilience in the face of uncertainty.

Your guide/mentor/certified coach Keith Engelhardt has spent thousands of hours researching and meticulously exploring how our minds bounce back from chaos, change, or failure, and he has decades of experience with facilitating classes, teams and Mastermind Groups. He also has an extensive understanding of brain/mind functioning and how to leverage the latest science to maximize your achievement, success and results. That’s why you can trust him to help you succeed through chaos, change, or failure.


When: Wed 9-30-20 at 7:00 pm EDT (6:00 pm CDT, 4:00 pm PDT)
Where: On-line with ZOOM

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