When we are in “fight or flight” mode our brain’s frontal cortex shuts down to allow us to quickly escape any threats in our external world or the internal world we have created with our thoughts. The bottom line, when we are stressed our thinking and productivity grind to a halt and our “A” game just vanishes. It just not biologically possible to do most everything well when we are in the state of stress or “fight or flight”. Stress impacts every level of our biology and cognitive abilities.

Can we learn how to hack our biology to access our peek zone everyday?

Neuroscientist Dr. Alan Watkins speaks about Heart Coherence and how by controlling the breath, you can master your inner state of being.

Yogis have know this for millennia and it has now been confirmed with modern neuroscience. 

View Video: “How To Hack Your Biology And Be In The Zone Every Single Time”


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