A key component necessary for manifestation of anything is “desire”.

A primary and fundamental part of our human existence (both our nature and biology) is desire. We can’t repress it at a biological level or at existential level; nor should we. To illustrate that a biological level, the mind may say I want repress or limit desire; but if you try by holding your nose and stop breathing and the body’s desire to breath, the body very quickly will say “hell no” and you will need to breath. The body’s desire to stay alive trumps anything the mind will do to limit that desire.

Our existential desires are no different. To live life fully and to experience it fully, we need to have, pursue, and leverage healthy desires.

Want to manifest something in life? It’s starts with desire. It is the spark, fuel and energy of manifestation everything. We must consciously know what we desire.

Desire is also the seed of fulfillment. If we don’t have desires in life we are essentially just surviving and cannot experience life or engage with it fully.

The key for healthy desire is not to be OK with whatever happens in the pursuit of the desire; to be accepting of whatever outcome results from our quest. If we get or achieve what we desire or we don’t, we are OK with it. Otherwise it becomes a compulsion. Sometimes it’s the quest and the journey of pursuit of a desire that is the most rewarding, joyous and fulfilling.

What do you desire?

Is that desire truly yours, of an external expectation?

Are you avoiding manifesting your desire?


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