The nutritional concerns aside (that’s a topic for another post), how does your mind and brain begin the day?

Are they:

  • Frantically inventorying what needs to get done?
  • Hustling your body do get out the door and on with your day?
  • Anxious and worried about the events of life?
  • Focused on abundance or scarcity?
  • Or are they calm, relaxed and in the moment?

What we feed ourselves (body, mind, or spirit) in the morning are seeds that sprout during the day.

What are you sowing and cultivating each day?

What are the fruits of those daily seeds and are they

stressful or fulfilling?

Ask yourself “What do I choose today?

“A better brain makes a better life”™

Why not “Transform the tyranny of stress to tranquility!” ™

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