Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that’s a key factor in motivation, productivity, and focus.

If you want to be more productive and get things done, here’s a few ways to boost your dopamine levels and increase productivity.

1. Discover New Things. …
2. List Down Your Small Tasks. …
3. Listen To Music. …
4. Increase Your Tyrosine. …
5. Reduce Your Lipopolysaccharides. …
6. Exercise Often. …
7. Establish A Streak. …
8. Take Dopamine Enhancing Supplements
9. Make Stuff
10. Meditate

There is a cautionary note for Introverts.

How Extroverts and Introverts respond to dopamine

We know that introvert + high stimulation = big dopamine release. And a big dopamine release is no bueno for introverts.

So, what works better for them? Acetylcholine.

Unlike dopamine—which causes excitement from external rewards—acetylcholine gives you a pleasurable feeling when you turn inward, and it’s happy juice for introverts. This is why introverts enjoy daydreaming; the happiness they get from pondering ideas is similar to the happiness extroverts get from a crowded room of people.

These chemical responses explain a lot of why different personality types prefer different activities.

An extrovert’s brain becomes more active in response to dopamine, so they get a thrill out of highly stimulating social situations like networking events and parties. The reward that triggers dopamine is meeting new people. The more extroverts socialize, the greater the pleasurable response in their brains. It drives them to be more outgoing.

But an introvert’s pleasure response is triggered by acetylcholine when they focus their thoughts inward.

Pro tip: one way introverts can trigger the acetylcholine in their brains at social gatherings is by engaging in meaningful conversations with just one or two people. Deeper, intimate discussions prompt people to focus on their thoughts and come up with insightful responses.

Nerd alert: Acetylcholine is also responsible for activating the parasympathetic nervous system which triggers the body to stay calm and conserve energy in stressful situations.



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