For the low one time price of $33.33, you get access to the “Library One: The Foundations of Success“.

That’s just $1.01 for each of the 33 and 1/3 albums of success content that you can explore one album per day. For less then you pay for a soft drink each day, you get exposed to information to maximize your success. The program is designed so you can easily learn the content a bit each day for just over a month.

For an additional $9.99/ month (about  33.3 cents a day) you get access to the associated library’s “Support Community” –  a network with other members that are on the same journey to success and fulfillment, as well as additional articles and content provided by your mentor/certified coach Keith Engelhardt.

For details and to purchase the Foundations of Success support community, visit Foundations of Success Community.


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